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Success Coach for Women Veterans


I’ll never forget what it was like to leave military service after 20 years as a nurse in the U.S. Army. You know the process: The workshops, the checklists, the evaluations. Back in 2000, all of it was meant to prepare me for a HUGE life change that I wouldn’t truly understand until I was living it firsthand.

After joining the civilian workforce, I dealt with supervisors who either didn’t appreciate me or didn’t understand what it meant to be a veteran. At one point I even had an employer who hired me for the sole purpose of firing other people because they thought that somehow my military service taught me to be “tough” and made me perfect for that job. (I didn’t last long there.)

In all the conversations leading up to my retirement, I will always remember being told one thing: “Don’t be surprised if you work 10 or 12 jobs before you find the right fit.”

After all these years, that still sits with me because it was true. I worked for 11 companies before I realized that this was not the way my life had to be. At that point I hung up my corporate hat and chose to become an entrepreneur.

That’s when I started my first company, the Life After Military Alliance or L.A.M.A. I created it as a database of essential information for women veterans like me who needed help with the transition into civilian life. It grew faster that I ever expected and quickly became a popular online resource in the veteran community.

Through that company I connected veterans to everything they were entitled to in return for their service like government benefits, scholarships, discounts, mentors and counselor. 

I filled a great need.

My military service was dear to me. In all honesty, it saved my life. My command was there for my four daughters and me when I needed to get out of an abusive and unsupportive marriage. It gave structure to my girls and me at a time when we needed it more than anything else.

The gratitude I have for my fellow military women is boundless. That’s why I decide to expand my services to include more personalized support at a time when my Sister Veterans need it most.

I serve as a mentor for the Joining Forces for Women Veterans and Military Spouses Mentorship Program and I am the Vice-President of Women Veterans Interactive-Atlanta Chapter. I am also an active member in several organizations including the National Association of Female Executives, Women Veterans Military Experience, Army Nurse Corp Association, Atlanta Business League, and the US Women Chamber of Commerce.

I’m on a mission to inspire, empower and encourage women like you so you can live the life of your dreams because you deserve it.

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