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Up Level Your Mindset Around Money

What do you remember your parents saying about money? During my childhood and early adulthood, money was never discussed with me or my younger siblings. I’m sure my parents and their parents survived on limiting beliefs about money. Some of the most common sayings were “money doesn’t grow on trees, and be happy you have a roof over your head”? Sound familiar?

Part of our life plans consist of dealing with finances and money, especially if you become an entrepreneur and start a business. One of my limiting beliefs before I started my coaching business was, “there are other competition now of women veteran coaches dealing with transition from military service and no room for me and what I have to offer”. Then, I had to think about how I react when I have those limiting beliefs. My first reaction is to “shut down”. It brought stress into my life and images of rejection played around in my head. Sound familiar??? Not a comfortable feeling. However, I had to work through that and shift my thinking to a more positive way of looking at how that negative thinking affect my business goals. I learned to turn thoughts like that around to a more positive way of thinking and believing in my why, my passion and purpose. Sister veteran, it’s critical to deal with these kind of limitations as you prepare to leap into entrepreneurship. Remember, you deserve to earn money. So I ask, “how many of you are giving your services or products away for free right now?’
You have many gifts that you’ve never opened. These are gifts of talent, ability, and “reach” that are yours for the taking. Now it’s time to for you to do something with your gifts. Claim them, and you create them. Reach for them, and they materialize. Use them, and they grow to serve you still better. I invite you to schedule a Next Mission is You strategy session call with me for $27. Schedule your call today.

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Donna Newman-Robinson
Donna Newman-Robinson

Donna is the founder of Life After Military Alliance (L.A.M.A.) and a success coach for women veterans.

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