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Why Is Vision So Important?

Here’s the thing, sister veteran, there’s no more important strategy to attain enduring success than vision. Long-term, sustainable success will evade you, unless you possess a clear vision of where you’re going as a business, and as a person.

Vision allows you as a leader to effectively communicate your ideas, goals and aspirations. Vision keeps you going in the right direction, even when you are facing the trials and tribulations that entrepreneurs go through at every level of business.

The key to communicating your vision to others is to make sure it is communicated clearly and repeatedly. For most of the entrepreneurs I know, the most effective way to communicate vision is verbally. Talk about your vision with everyone you do business with- team members, vendors, customers anyone- so that everyone understands who you are, and what your company is about.

Why do you need to repeat your vision often? You repeat it often because when you are in the trenches dealing with the day-to-day business routines such as dealing with customers, dealing with vendors, dealing with production people-it’s easy to lose sight of why you are in business.

If you have NO vision for your business LOOK and see what happens:

  • Your business is likely to veer off course when troubles hit.
  • Without a clear vision, when you hit a rough patch, you will end up spinning out of control, hoping to find a way.
  • Without a clear vision, you will not have the fuel you need to move forward.
  • Without a clear vision, you have no call to action.

In other words, your ability to communicate a clear vision will dramatically affect your business.

So, I ask, are you getting the point of how crucial having a clear vision means for your business? Take some time right now to begin the process of developing a vision for your business. Don’t rush it…this is a critical component for enduring success. If you get really stuck, ask yourself these important questions:

  • How many people can I help when I achieve my vision?
  • Who will receive a benefit when I achieve my vision?
  • What will the positive impact on my life be when I achieve my vision?

About the Author

Donna Newman-Robinson
Donna Newman-Robinson

Donna is the founder of Life After Military Alliance (L.A.M.A.) and a success coach for women veterans.

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