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Practice Mentally Everything You Want To Accomplish by Imagining Your New Future

To become successful, you must first see yourself as successful. That part should be easy. You can relate the time you served your country as being successful. Not everyone can do what you did! I advise you to continue to exercise that “muscle” you developed while in uniform. When I prepare a new presentation, speech, or training workshop, I mentally practice that 5-or 10 times for every chance I have to rehearse it aloud. Without that mental “warm-up”, my rehearsals would be exhausting.

Envision your success over and over again-approaching, taking action, succeeding-playing a melody on your favorite instrument, getting that promotion, building a table or a flourishing business. You must see the change you want to be and where you want to go. It doesn’t matter if nobody else sees it.

By doing this, you are envisioning a future improved by your actions. Vividly see the benefits you’ll receive and the people who will enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

Limber up your imagination with this lifestyle exercise:

  1. Allow a passionate desire to surface. Perhaps it’s a new home, car of office. Or maybe it’s a tropical island you’ve always wanted to visit.
  2. Envision yourself within that lifestyle, relaxing in that fabulous home, driving the car or walking that tropical beach. Enhance your vision with all the sensory details you can embed- sounds, smells, colors, textures, tastes. Make it real.
  3. Revisit this enhanced vision until it springs instantly to mind anytime you think of your future.

Even if you don’t believe visualizing works, or you think, it’s too “out there” to be useful in everyday life, try it anyway. It’s totally fee and there are no harmful side effects.

Listen, I help women like you break through the barriers keeping you from living the life you want so you can move forward with ease and grace.

If you are ready to get the help you need to imagine your new future, apply for a 30-minute “The Next Mission is You” Strategy Session to get on the road to your new life of happiness, fulfillment, passion and purpose.

About the Author

Donna Newman-Robinson
Donna Newman-Robinson

Donna is the founder of Life After Military Alliance (L.A.M.A.) and a success coach for women veterans.

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