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Ever wonder why you didn’t get that job you felt you were so qualified for when you left the military?

I hear it everyday in my practice as a success coach, “Why didn’t I get the job? I am a military veteran. I am qualified. Or I really don’t know what I want to do now… Do this sound familiar? Often times we waste precious time trying to figure these things out on our own. This creates feelings of despair, disappointments and even failure. Listed below are the top reasons why transitioning veterans do not get hired.

1. You can’t (or won’t) accept that you are starting over.

2. You believe you are so special and different from everyone else (like every other transitioning veteran that day).

3. Your resume is longer than the CEO of the Company you are applying to or it’s shorter than a recent college graduate.

4. You didn’t proofread your resume.

5. You don’t have a LinkedIn profile (or even worse, it’s not complete)

6. You think social media is for kids or sharing war stories.

7. You didn’t prepare for the interview.

8. You wrote a thank you note (but only to say “thank you”).

9. You don’t know what you want to do.

There is one thing we veterans have a hard time doing and that is asking for help. I get it! That’s generally not in the mindset of a military person because we are used to figuring out how to get the job done on our own. But guess what, you are no longer in uniform. One of the biggest fears we have is letting go, and knowing that it is ok to get the help and support we need to transition more seamlessly.

So, the great thing is, it is not too late! This is the perfect time to apply for a complimentary “Reinvent Yourself” Strategy Session TODAY! Email me at

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Donna Newman-Robinson
Donna Newman-Robinson

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  • Brenda Joseph

    So how can I change that? I go a degree in Public Service (Bachelor Degree) currently employed with USPS. Looking for a job with the Federal Government.

  • Hattie Tyson

    Yes All my life since I got got and now I want to apply for. Job in VA System I want a chance I am somebody

  • Samantha Clark

    This is very true. I often want to find employment and apply for positions, but at this point I am lost as to what direction I need to move. I feel helpless and hopeless at times. What do you do when you apply and they say you are over qualified for the position? How do you cope with feelings of being inadequate? I am fast developing an immobilizing fear, unable to move forward or backwards.

    • Donna Newman-Robinson

      Hello Samantha, sometimes you need support in figuring that how. I invite you to apply for a FREE 30 minute strategy session by visiting

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