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The Next Mission is YOU!

Dear Sister Veteran,

I’ve been where you are now. Whether you served your country for two years or two decades, you were willing to sacrifice yourself for something greater. Most people would never be that selfless. Thank you for your service. 

Now that your duties have been fulfilled, it’s time to talk about what’s next.

Let me tell you something you probably already know: Things are not the same on this side. I’ve felt the uncertainty. I know what it’s like to feel out of place and unappreciated in your new life. I understand how difficult it can be to take your own desires and dreams off the back burner and put them front and center.

Sometimes figuring out your next move can feel impossible when you have no blueprint to live by and no roadmap to follow. It can feel like you’ve been abandoned.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Don’t spend another day lost in uncertainty.

I’m Donna Newman-Robinson, a retired nurse in the US Army. When I hung up my uniform and returned to life as a civilian, I struggled too. It was tough but after what felt like forever, I figure it out and found my new purpose: Helping my Sister Veterans like you navigate the next step and transition with ease.

There is no need to make the mistakes when I’ve already made them all for you.

Listen, you have to stop trying to do this yourself when you can take the direct path to success. Email me at right now to apply for “The Next Mission is You” strategy session to get you on the road to your new life of happiness, fulfilment, passion and purpose.

Your next mission is you. My next mission is to ensure your success.


Donna Newman-Robinson, CPC, ELI-MP, US Army (Retired)

Success Coach for Women Veterans

Meet Donna

homePageDonna I am passionate about living my legacy every day. My mission is to empower, inspire and encourage military women and women veterans in their transition to civilian life. After retiring from my stellar career of 20 years serving in the US Army, I am is now seen as the go-to success coach specialist for military women and women veterans  that need help reinventing themselves, creating a new mission in life that is inspired and filled with meaning and purpose.

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